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I'm horrible at expressing my thoughts into words.

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I really don’t know.

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I don’t know why, but I’m not as happy as I was before.
Maybe it’s just one of those days but whatever the reason, I don’t like this feeling.

I’m happy but not entirely. Again, I probably do sound selfish…

I didn’t really want to publish this post for the above reason. In fact I started this post a few weeks ago and just continuing it now. I’ll admit, it is a great feeling to be happy and all but of course everything ends and flops. That’s just the way life goes.

It gets me thinking about whether I prefer to be happy for a short amount of time or if I just preferred being a miserable blob and finally accepting it. Right now, saying these type of things is hypocritical of me however I am going to use the excuse of being a bit down.

I know I promised that I would try to become a more positive person but no matter how hard I try, I just really can’t be that person who I used to be. 

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It’s been a while…

Since I’ve been on this blog.

Just quickly wanted to express how confused I am right now with my priorities. It seems like I want to have fun in life however can’t really do that without something else going wrong. I’m at the stage where I am trying hard to figure out my priorities, separating the needs from wants and establishing what I really should be putting first.

I say this because recently, I have been prioritising the wrong things. I can’t or shouldn’t really regret this but I am just trying to save myself before it gets worse.

Last post then I’ll go to sleep!

I promise.

8 hours until my training.

Basically, I’m nervous and excited and I know I am going to hate myself for not being asleep right at this moment.

I hope all goes well!
I can do this.



As I stepped into the office, I was welcomed as a newbie and was really glad to have met the people there.
I was overwhelmed, as the manager welcomed me with a ‘congratulatory’ letter as well as some forms including the ASIC blah-blah and what not and started to become really excited.

I thought that was it but we tried on uniforms…
Honestly, getting this amazing job still hasn’t sunk in yet. It’s just so awesomely unbelievable.

I think that the uniforms are pretty and the jacket is cool. :)
Not to mention, I also got my AAL parking pass.

Once again, I’m nervous and excited since training is only…


I can’t wait to take a tour of the whole airport on the first induction with our cute company lanyards around our necks and taking notes.

Babble II

I cannot wait to get my ASIC, walkie talkie and name badge.
Like no joke.
Oh and hopefully I get to wear one of those fluro vests.

But in all seriousness, I am excited to go back to the office for the first time as an employee :’)

I did it!

And by ‘it’ I mean, I got the job!
And no, I so did not jump around the main campus at my university with my friends while on the phone to the manager.

The day started in a stressful way for me…
- I was sick
- I had one of those moments where I thought I lost my wallet but I hed it with me the whole time
- I left my card at home, which was in another bag
- It was hot/humid
- I was anticipating that whether I would get a call or not

Towards the end of my afternoon break, I got a call and I honestly thought they were going to nicely reject me but she saidI did very well in my second interview and that she was offering me a position. 

I was just so excited. Words could not explain…
I was on the verge of crying but I was too happy or something that tears of joy weren’t even possible at the time.
I tried so hard to concentrate on my psychology lecture 10 minutes after the incident.

I admit, I guess I somewhat deserved that.
And not only because I bought all these things in preparation for it but my research and rehearsals also paid off.
Alright, maybe I lacked in the both research and rehearsals but I was just being myself and I guess that’s what got me the position.
Later on, it was mixture of excitement and nervousness but I guess it still hasn’t sunk in.

I am just so thankful. I may not have expressed enough gratitude to my parents but I thank them for helping me out, even if it was just a small contribution. Also, in a non-selfish way, I’d like to thank myself for not backing out/freaking out and instead threw away the negative self that I was and became the better person for when I went through these tough stages. 

If all is well, which I pray should be… This would have to be the BEST first job. EVER!

Thank you so much Aerocare <3
Oh and to God too of course! 

I sure have posted quite a lot today.

So today, I was just quite happy.
I admit I’ve been cranky and all but that was mainly because of the fact that I am sick.

One thing I would never get sick of is texting him.  
He actually said.

"I do miss you."

These were definitely words that I too miss hearing but I don’t deny that I miss him too. 

I now doubt my Career > Love belief.
If it’s a test, then it sure is a hard one. Of course I value career but now I’m hoping that it is essential to have a balance.

I hope I’m not being to selfish though. :( 

Make or break

So, I just had my 2nd interview and boy was I overwhelmed. A lot of questions were thrown at me today and thankfully I managed to answer them. Not perfectly since I paused to think about what to say but at least I tried. 

I wasn’t only overwhelmed for that reason but it was the fact that I was told that out of 60 candidates, 3 were shortlisted and interviewed the second round and…

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